Friday, August 8, 2014

So long Citimortage, it's been real...

It's done at last!  A week ago I sent in my last payment.  Finally, my house is really 'mine', not quite 10 years after purchasing it on Oct 1, 2004.  It's been a tough slog.  I was lucky to have a lot of help rehabbing it (calling it a fixer-upper would have been kind).  I'm very grateful for Chris and Jackie Billing selling it too me in the first place.  It was a complex situation back then, but they had my back and I'll never forget it.

What would eventually be my office, a few weeks into the wall-to-wall gut out.

I don't want to sully this blog with nerdy financial talk - but if you are curious how I did it (no, I don't make that much money), I started a new one: Will's Money Tips, where I'll talk about financial tips and info.

I have aspirations of writing a book someday on the subject.  Mostly because I'm saddened by the general lack of knowledge and huge misconceptions about finance, mortgages, etc. out there (seriously, why isn't this stuff taught in high school?).  There are so money books on investments - but that only helps if, you know, you have money to invest...

To be honest, I'll probably never set aside enough time to do it...but maybe someday.  Hopefully my experiences will help someone.